His Majesty King Abdullah II

I am glad to be meeting you today to highlight a nation-wide achievement to address one of the major concerns and challenges facing Jordanians over the past period. This collective nation-wide effort is represented in achieving a National Integrity Charter and Executive Plan to institutionalise, enhance and sustain the National Integrity System and combat corruption.

Eyes widely open

JTC was founded in 2011 by a determined, passionate group of Jordanian volunteers coming from different backgrounds. The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) has been an ongoing source of inspiration to JTC. JTC has built national, regional, and international coalitions to promote civic duty, and to foster advocacy efforts towards effective legislation and anti-corruption measures. JTC strives to solicit both public and private support for anti-corruption initiatives.

His Majesty King Abdullah II

In the Sixth Discussion Paper, His Majesty addressed the rule of law as the basis for the civil state: “As I have said, every citizen, official and state institution must fulfil the duty of protecting and enhancing the rule of law, which is the essence of a prudent administration that adopts justice and equality as the pillars of its approach. We cannot achieve sustainable development, empower our creative youth or successfully execute our development plans unless we develop state administration and enhance the rule of law through strengthening the principles of justice, equality and transparency. These noble principles are the basis of the Great Arab Awakening and Revolt and this year we celebrate its centennial anniversary.”

Welcome to Jordan Transparency Center (JTC) website, where we will be taking you on a tour to learn about JTC.

The United Nation's Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) is serves of JTC's key pillars and drivers. Jordan became a signatory of the UNCAC in early 2005. JTC was founded in July 2011 as an NGO and non-profit organization with the goal to enhance transparency, democracy, government accountability, good governance and combating corruption through broad civic participation, particularly youth. JTC has aligned with local and regional organizations and international coalitions. Locally, JTC has partnered with anti-corruption entities including the Jordan Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (JIACC), The National Audit Bureau and the Information Commission. JTC also has MOUs with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Ministry of Youth. JTC is a member of multi-regional organizations including the Arab Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network (ACINET), Arab Network for Social Accountability (ANSA) and Arab Anti-Corruption Organization (AACO). Internationally, JTC is an elected member of the UNCAC’s Coalition Coordination Committee representing the MENA, and a member at both the Open Government Partnership (OGP) NGO Group and Freedom of Information Network. In 2013 JTC launched its first youth initiative, known as the Transparency Knights (TKs). The Transparency Knights are comprised of youth throughout Jordan with the goal of involving youth to promote good citizenship and integrity while combating corruption. The TKs launched two initiatives in 2017 titled Universities Against Corruption and Madrasti Nazahti to deepen the role of with the Jordanian Universities and Schools across the Kingdom against corruption. I take this opportunity to thank you for visiting JTC website, and express my gratitude to our esteemed partners, friends and my colleagues at the general assembly, and a special thank you goes out to our youth arm at the Transparency Knights, who spared no effort to make JTC an effective tool against corruption in Jordan.